S3 Glacier Deep Archive

The Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive is the lowest-cost storage option offered by AWS. It is object storage designed for data that is rarely accessed (once or twice a year) and that must be retained long-term (7 years or more).

Ideal use cases include archiving media, protecting intellectual property, and storing data to meet regulatory or compliance requirements (audit logs, medical records, etc).

S3 Glacier Deep Archive can also replace both on- and off-premise tape libraries; it integrates with Tape Gateway of AWS Storage Gateway to help move your tape archives.

Like S3 Standard, the S3 Glacier Deep Archive redundantly stores your objects across a minimum of three Availability Zones within a Region.

Retrieval time is 12 hours, should you need to access the data. To initiate a retrieval, use a “Restore” request on the S3 Console or using the S3 APIs. A copy will be made in the S3 Standard class, and will remain for a time period that you specify (in days).

To move data automatically into S3 Glacier Deep Archive from another S3 storage class, lifecycle policies are available.

The S3 Glacier Deep Archive per-GB costs are about 95% less than S3 Standard pricing. The service is available in all regions.

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